Intuiscent is an independent company specializing in fragrance and fragranced product development.  Intuiscent partners with customers to provide support for the creation of winning products in an increasingly competitive market.

To reach consumers and customers today, and to maintain their interest tomorrow, companies need to establish emotional connections with their target audience.

The sense of smell -- perhaps the most ancient root of emotional life -- provides a pathway to engage and delight consumers.  Intuiscent harnesses this connection in the products our partners bring to the market.



Intuiscent Universe:

  • Market Analysis – Trends, Opportunities, Consumer Research

  • Product Development & Troubleshooting

  • Product Upgrades and Stability Studies

  • Scents that Entice and Seduce

  • A Scent to Call Your Own

  • Fragrance Development, Library and Training

  • Technology & Innovation

  • Cost Management







Consulting services

Intuiscent constantly monitors and analyzes the market to understand socio-economic trends that drive consumers’ preferences. These findings are customized and shared either in a presentation format or as conclusions for an action plan


Human society of today is subject to a multitude of influences, which affect their needs and desires. These influences range from a microcosm of a family circle to macrocosmic geopolitical developments.
Map & Gap Analysis
To develop and successfully market a product it is absolutely essential to clearly identify its position relative to other products in a targeted market segment




Products & Technologies

Scents that Entice and Seduce -
provides assistance in development of creative fragrance ideas and fragrances. We evaluate fragrances for product and category appropriateness, and provide support throughout the fragrance development and selection process

A Scent to Call Your Own -
markets and distributes fragrances and fragranced personal care products to individuals and business clients

Technology & Innovation -
Intuiscent is a company rich in technology, based on affiliations with state-of –the-art technological companies, fragrance industry organizations and the quality of its associates