Why is perfume packaging important?

The fragrance industry is a market with thousands of new product launches each year. It has become a challenge for the brands stand out amongst the crowd. Of course, the innovation in terms of perfume manufacturing plays a crucial role. Perfume packaging is equally important to bring the customers to your brand.

Let’s explain it using the following scenario. You visit a retail store where the sales executive lets you try some smelling strips. You select a particular fragrance that costs 250 dollars. When he/she brings the full bottle, you get disappointed due to its cheap looking bottle and label. You might become reluctant to pay 250 bucks for this product. This is just one incident. Now you can imagine how many customers refrain from buying your product each month due to inadequate packaging.

This factor becomes more prominent if we talk about luxury products. The customers want everything from the quality of outer packaging, bottle, to the main contents to be classy and elegant.

Perfume packaging is also important from the gifting point of view. An individual will love to receive a gift that an attractive outer packaging.

All these factors show you must pay special emphasis on the packaging if you are planning to launch a new line of products. New Jersey-based Intuiscent LLC offers perfume consulting services that can be used for perfume development and packaging. The company is quite popular in the custom designed perfume industry. You can also contact the company for marketing your products.

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