Helen Feygin – has Directed and Inspired Creative Teams for one of the biggest Consumer Goods Company in the World and for some of the Leading Global Fragrance Companies.

Today’s market has many successful brands with fragrances developed by her creative teams.




Helen began her career as a Chemical Engineer, specializing in synthesis of Fine Organics. Her entry in the wonderful world of fragrance began at a boutique fragrance house in Brooklyn, NY, Elias Fragrances.


Doing synthesis of novel aroma chemicals for in-house use piqued her interest in perfumery.  And very soon she got immersed into other aspects the company – quality control and troubleshooting, regulatory compliance and creating accords.


She joined Colgate Palmolive Company in 1983. It was her responsibility to ensure that fragrances used by Colgate pass quality control around the world. She developed and trained people in Colgate’s subsidiaries in the field of odor evaluation.  As a Global Fragrance Leader responsible for Colgate’s Personal Care products, Helen developed and implemented fragrance strategy that gave Colgate brands quality fragrances at cost efficient prices. 


In 1998 Helen joined IFF to direct the Consumer Products Perfumery Team.  After several successful years at IFF Ms. Feygin joined Symrise to lead Perfumery, Evaluation, Marketing and Consumer Research Teams as Vice President of Consumer Products Development.


Today Helen Feygin is the founder and principal of Intuiscent, the company which specializes in development of winning fragrances for products worldwide.


Helen is a member of CEW and is very active in Industry Events. Her Global experiences have given her global fragrance knowledge and have resulted in many business and personal relationships around the world.