Intuiscent constantly monitors and analyzes the market to understand socio-economic trends that drive consumers’ preferences. These findings are customized and shared either in a presentation format or as conclusions for an action plan



The influences that affect our society today range from a microcosm of a family circle to macrocosmic geopolitical developments. The consumption of food, the most popular color of a dress or a car, the choice of vacation – they all are manifestations of socio-economical trends that consciously or subconsciously guide consumers’ decisions and behavior in the market place. Business decisions need to be driven by clear understanding current and historical trends. Anticipating emerging trends  is essential to allow time for development. Innovation must be developed from the conceptual to the ready to market stage. This development cycle takes from 9 month to 2 years and during that time significant evolution in trends often occurs. Intuiscent  role is to anticipate and predict trends that are emerging and spot the ones that have run their course.





Intuiscent continuously creates and upgrades customized maps of the marketplace, identifies gaps and uncovers opportunities for our clients

Map & Gap Analysis

To develop and successfully market a product it is absolutely essential to clearly identify its position relative to other products in a targeted market segment. Its message needs to appeal to a consumer. What appeals to a consumer in today’s economy has shifted significantly from the sphere of rationality to the realm of desire

The emotional aspect of products is the key driver of the choices consumers make. To succeed, a product needs to be in synchrony with the market and lifestyle trends, expressed by product marketing positioning, its brand and variant name and technical aspects. It is equally important that the same message is promoted by sensorial product attributes – appearance (packaging, color), tactile properties and most importantly fragrance. Appeal is based on emotions and the quickest way to reach consumers' emotions is through fragrances.

Fragrance is Intuiscent’s core competence. We will help you to identify new opportunities and create fragrances that fit.

Intuiscent is a partner who will understand your Company’s needs and will develop new exciting concepts to entice your consumers and customers      




Consumer Research 

Consumer research is an integral and essential part of product development. Intuiscient makes sure that the consumer study design and the action standard are appropriate for your developmental objective, benchmarks are meaningful. We then help to translate research results into an effective business tool.