Intuiscent has in-depth knowledge of consumer products technology and consumer needs these products are designed to fulfill. We develop dynamic product innovation ideas to ensure your market success.

Intuiscent is a valuable partner in product development and evolution, who understands your brands’ equity values and helps to ensure their continuity in the marketplace.


Product Development & Troubleshooting


Fragrance is the most effective tool in communication of perceived product values. It supports and builds product credibility.

Fragrance can make or break the product

There can be many reasons for fragrance incompatibility – Intuiscent helps to avoid these if possible, identify these if necessary, and ultimately find the solution.


Product Upgrades & Stability Studies


Intuiscent helps to manage fragrance modifications to ensure continuous consumer acceptance following required product changes. These product changes, whether based on new regulatory demands, cost saving programs, changes in product base or in fragrance as a rule need to be transparent to consumers. Product needs to look, feel and smell the same as the original.  Intuiscent will to evaluate, guide and control the change pipeline.


A product’s success to a great extent depends on how true it stays to the original design through its shelf life. Products need to maintain their color, packaging and, even more importantly, fragrance integrity. A product’s long-term consistency is evaluated by conducting stability or accelerated aging studies. Each product requires specific set of aging conditions that simulate its stability in real life for 12 to 24 months.

Intuiscent is proficient in designing, setting up and evaluating results of accelerated aging studies.

Fragrance Development, Library & Training

Whether it is maintenance of an existing product or new launch introduction, speed to market is crucial to business success . Intuiscent provides assistance in development of an in-house fragrance library and training clients’ staff in managing it.

In-house libraries facilitate proactive development of new fragrances based on current and emerging trends and conforming to viable restrictions. Fragrances can be developed on a parallel path with product technology or preemptively.

For multinational companies fragrance banks support leveraging successful fragrances globally and help to centralize and standardize brand management process.

Streamlining fragrance development is cost effective; it provides significant savings by increasing effectiveness and efficiency in personnel time allocation. Savings are realized through increased fragrance volumes and through eliminating false starts, duplication of efforts and other inefficiencies

To manage fragrance bank/library, companies need to develop personnel skilled in product and fragrance evaluation.

Intuiscent will screen personnel to identify people with ability to discriminate odors, will train them in fragrance vocabulary to facilitate effective communication, introduce fragrance classification that will provide basis for fragrance library.




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