Intuiscent partners with clients to support their strategy and ensure creation of first rate fragrances.  We help to drive fragrance strategy and  development process to achieve true interpretation of desired aromatic effect.
Our fragrances, designed by world class perfumers, are safety  conformant, can be all natural and follow latest trends in gourmand interpretations. Fragrances that are refreshingly warm, young and sophisticated, bright and modern with a touch of class - exactly what you need to make your product a success!

Scents that Entice and Seduce


Intuiscent provides assistance in development of creative fragrance ideas as well as fragrances. We  evaluate & create fragrances for product and category. appropriateness, and provide support throughout the fragrance development and selection process.

Intuiscent's scent laboratories have a wide selection of fragrances, custom developed to fit specific needs that will support your brandsí identity and equity values.  This selection facilitates product development and reduces time needed for market introduction.


A Scent to Call Your Own


Intuiscent markets and distributes fragrances and fragranced personal care products to individuals and business clients. These fragrances are created to resonate with emotional states, enhancing or changing it, to achieve desirable effect. Fragrances may bring you to heightened emotion: from content to exhilarated, from feeling attractive to becoming seductive. Or, these may lessen emotion:  from calm to meditative, from overstressed to relaxed.

These fragrances are personalized to match individualís sign of zodiac, specific character trait or personís psyche. Fragrances created to relax after a stressful day, to prepare for a romantic encounter or to experience natureís universe inside your home. These fragrances can be experienced as fine fragrances, become part of your environment as aromatic air fresheners or be a part of your daily personal care routine. Fragrances, as well as products, can be custom designed to be completely natural based on vegetable oils and aromatic plant essences.



Technology & Innovation

Intuiscent is a company rich in technology, based on affiliations with state-of Ėthe-art technological companies, fragrance industry organizations and the quality of its associates.

Continuous innovation in product technology, packaging and marketing approaches is a requisite for successful marketers. Fragrance itself can lead product innovation. Trendy variant names that become market success need to be validated by the smell of the product to have lasting emotional appeal to consumers. Of all the five senses, it is our sense of smell that is directly connected to the limbic system and hence has direct access to our world of feelings.
Per Dr. Noamie Poran, director of the Aroma Science  Institute (ASI) in Raleigh, N.C.: " vision is usually heralded as the emotion to appeal to when trying to sell a product, while the sense of smell is more important. Genetically speaking, there are about 1,000 genes devoted to smell and only three devoted to color (a visual stimulant)".