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All Natural Fragrances

Natural and Organic Fragrances

We create 100% pure all natural essences that sparkle and soothe your soul. For example, our Cleopatra fragrance is based on ancient perfumery scrolls and smells exactly like the perfume worn by Cleopatra.

Our all natural men’s cologne is closely reminiscent of the classic Polo fragrance. Intuiscent perfumers are leading industry experts in natural scent creation. Using natural essential oils and absolutes, natural resins and balsams, we develop fragrances for a variety of applications, including lip products, natural Personal Care and Fantastic Fine Fragrances.


Sustainable Resources:
The appeal of natural products is driven by centuries of safety and familiarity. It enhances censorial and experiential benefits of a product.

The natural trend has evolved from aromatherapy based on natural essential oils, to organic ingredients, to ethical positioning using fair-trade ingredients to ensure sustainable development.