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Create signature fragrance line for your brand and yourself.

Intuiscent is the one stop destination to create a fragrance line exclusively for your brand, your product or yourself. Our fragrances are a key component in many of the world’s finest perfumes and best-known consumer product lines, including beauty care, professional salons, fabric care, home care, and personal wash products.

Intuiscent’s gifted perfumers give our customers the edge in an ever-evolving and diverse fragrance market filled with new products. Whether for use in a beauty salon, in a home or on a body, Intuiscent create and custom manufactures fragrances. Our fragrances become the signatures that touch emotions each time your favorite products are used in your home and your life. These unique collective designs can reinforce both the emotional as well as the functional attributes of our clients’ brands. Your fragrance signals the mildness in a body lotion or the cleanliness and freshness of your home after using a floor cleaner or enhancing your powers of attraction with that special cologne. The world of your beauty and home products will be enriched with our perfumes.


Tired of the same old cheap smells at the department stores? Everything smell like everyone else? Create and design your very own individualized personal fragrances to your heart’s desires.

Contact us: hfeygin@intuiscent.com, or Call: 732-469-2999