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Perfumery Consulting

Perfumery consulting for brand and brand signature fragrance development.

Intuiscent is a valuable partner in development of your brand and making it stand out by creating a signature fragrance. We understand your brands and help to ensure their continuity in the marketplace. Consulting on product development, component sourcing, perfumery and fragrance-concept compatibility are some of the services that we offer.

More than any other sensory experience, fragrances have the ability to trigger our emotions. The best way to increase sales is an appeal based on emotions and quickest way to reach the emotions is through smell. (Dr. Alan R. Hirsch, neurologist, psychiatrist, founder of Smell & Taste Research Foundation)

“Well planned smells encourage sales, just like excellent color and lighting design.”
(Marc Gobe, Emotional Branding)

Intuiscent provides perfume consulting to support brand image, product development and, when necessary, troubleshooting.

Fragrance is the most effective tool in communication of perceived product values. It supports and builds product/brand credibility.
Fragrance can make or break the product. Excellent perfume will drive brand success.

Our perfume consulting extends to product upgrades & setting stability studies for your products.
A product’s success to a great extent depends on how true it stays to the original design throughout its shelf life. Products need to maintain fragrance integrity. A product’s long-term consistency is evaluated by conducting stability or accelerated aging studies. Each product requires a specific set of aging conditions that simulate its stability in real life for 12 to 24 months.

Intuiscent is proficient in designing, setting up and evaluating results of accelerated aging studies.