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The Team

Helen Feygin
President and Founder of Intuiscent LLC

Phone: 732 469-2999 (office); 908-723-2971 (mobile)
Email: hfeygin@intuiscent.com

Helen began her career as a Chemical Engineer, specializing in synthesis of Fine Organic Molecules. Her entry into the wonderful world of fragrance began at a boutique fragrance house in Brooklyn, NY. Doing synthesis of novel aroma chemicals for in-house use piqued her interest in perfumery.  (more…)

Ilya Feygin
Chief Technology Officer Intuiscent LLC


Ilya holds a Masters Degree in Engineering and has over 45 US patents to his credit.

His expertise is in the area of High Throughput Technologies, Instrumentation, Robotics, Microfluidics and Mechatronics.
His professional background includes Merck (Research Fellow), Pharmacopia (Head of Engineering), and PA Consulting. (more…)

Lee Castleman
Chief Perfumer, Intuiscent

732-469-2999 (office)

631-456-2400 (mobile)

Lee’s experience working as a Perfumer spans over 30 years.

He has worked for major fragrance companies, such as Firmenich, Takasago, Roure and
Technology Flavors & Fragrances, both in the US and other countries (Latin America, France, Switzerland).
His in-depth knowledge, experience, creativity, tenacity (more…)
Kevin Verspoor
Master Perfumer

Kevin Verspoor is an American perfumer from Michigan who has worked for Symrise and Drom, amongst other places. He has created fragrances for Odin, Estee Lauder, Blocki and many other brands. He is affected by synesthesia, a condition where individual senses blur together, which inspires his passionate, intuitive creations.